The Flash Season 6 Episode 16 Review: So Long and Goodnight

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Everything is finally coming together.

All the different aspects that have made up the second half of The Flash Season 6 started to weave together on The Flash Season 6 Episode 16 to form one cohesive, promising story.

And it can all be traced back to Joseph Carver.

Barry and Iris - The Flash Season 6 Episode 16

Carver is an exciting villain to have on a show that has mainly featured speedsters, or even just metahumans in general as the Big Bads.

But it is a refreshing and welcome change as Carver uses his money and resources to thwart Team Flash and try to make his vision -- whatever that might be -- a reality.

Carver: It even sounds like you're saying I hired someone to pop out of a box to assassinate you.
Joe: I didn't say that Rag Doll popped out of a box.
Carver: Damn. And I was doing so well.

In a way, The Flash is becoming more realistic this season by making Carver the villain Barry and Co. are trying to stop.

There are a ton of evil human beings who lead huge corporations, and it is the money and resources that give them power.

While he has technology that lets him get away with numerous things, Carver is also able to influence and hire metahumans to do his bidding for him, and the one thing he wants is Joe West dead.

Joe - The Flash Season 6 Episode 16

Joe has been heading the investigation into Joesph Carver and Black Hole since they were introduced on The Flash Season 6 Episode 10, it is only natural that Carver wanted to stop him.

But that meant that we saw the levels of how cruel and evil Carver is, especially when Joe confronted him.

Cisco: I'm not sure you know how hacking works.
Ralph: Please. I've seen You've Got Mail several times.

Carver could have been the stereotypical one-sided evil rich guy who was just a pompous jerk, but thanks to Eva and whatever problems there are between the two of them, we have reason to believe that there is more to him than what meets the eye.

Carver is getting set up to be quite the complicated bad guy, and I am dying to find out more details regarding his backstory along with Eva's.

Unfortunately, though, thanks to him, Joe has entered the witness protection program.

Joe and Cecile - The Flash Season 6 Episode 16

Barry was the first one who suggested Joe going into witness protection, but Joe refused until he came face-to-face with his death.

Joe is unbelievably lucky. Out of all those wires, he just so happened to pull the one that disarmed the bomb.

Of course, we are all very grateful that he is alive and well, but anyone could admit that that was a bit of a stretch for The Flash.

In any case, Joe will most likely be gone for a few episodes as Team Flash tries to take down Joseph Carver and Black Hole, recuse Iris from the Mirrorverse, and build a new Speed Force -- all while dealing with their personal issues.

Just typing all that out made me want to take a nap.

The Flash - The Flash Season 6 Episode 16

You have got to feel for Barry. He is losing his speed, he just had to say goodbye to his father figure who will be gone for an unknown amount of time, and Clone Iris kicked him out of the home he shares with the real Iris.

There were two times during the hour that Barry's lack of speed almost cost Joe his life, and that is bound to take its toll on Barry.

One of the things that drives Barry forward is his need to save people, and if he can't do that, one might think he will spiral out of control.

Look Iris, I'm barely hanging on. I can't catch my breath. I'm getting dizzy. My feet are numb. My fingers tingle. It feels like with every step I take I'm getting ripped in two. All I can think about is if I'll be fast enough tomorrow to save another life.


But with the big fight between Barry and Clone Iris on the last scene and with the preview for The Flash Season 6 Episode 17, Barry might just channel all that negative energy into saving Iris from the Mirrorverse.

Barry is finally is taking notice! Clone Iris messed up significantly when she snapped at Barry and demanded that he use his speed -- the real Iris would never react that way.

Ralph and Sue - The Flash Season 6 Episode 16

And while Barry and Iris are having fake marital issues, which we hope not to turn into real ones once they get Iris out of the Mirrorverse, sparks were flying between Ralph and Sue.

As it turns out, Sue's parents are getting  blackmailed by Joseph Carver, which is why she has been robbing a lot of the banking systems that he owns.

See? Everything is connecting.

Lady: How do you two know each other? Are you married?
Ralph and Sue: Gross.

Since Ralph figured out why Sue was targeting those banks, it looks like they will be working together from here on out to take down Carver.

And if all the heart eyes are any indication, there might be some canoodling in between. We are here for it if Ralph finally finds happiness -- and if Sue is not still playing him.

Barry and Joe - The Flash Season 6 Episode 16

Singh is truly a mole in the CCPD, but he was not planted by Carver; he is one of Eva's clones.

How many clones does Eva have now? They seem to be multiplying as the episodes continue. And where are all the real versions of these clones? Obvioulsy, know about Iris, but Kamilla and Singh are unaccounted for and nowhere to be found.

Hopefully, they are not dead and are just tied up in a closet somewhere in the Mirrorverse. It will be devastating if Cisco loses another person.

Singh: Joe West is out of the way as requested. Success is assured.
Eva: Good. If anyone's going to make my husband pay for what he did, it's going to be me.

But with Eva determined to take down her husband, who has proven to be bad, it is difficult to know which one we should be rooting for. Although, two villains determined to destroy the other always make for good television.

There are a ton of factors that we do not know yet, but I am certain all information will be revealed in due time, and it will be shocking for all.

What did you think, The Flash Fanatics?

Are you here for a Ralph and Sue romance like in the comics? How do you feel about Carver as a villain?

And is Rag Doll the most creepy villain The Flash has ever had?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch The Flash online right here via TV Fanatic!

The Flash airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

So Long and Goodnight Review

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The Flash Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Carver: It even sounds like you're saying I hired someone to pop out of a box to assassinate you.
Joe: I didn't say that Rag Doll popped out of a box.
Carver: Damn. And I was doing so well.

Cisco: I'm not sure you know how hacking works.
Ralph: Please. I've seen You've Got Mail several times.