This Is Us Boss Offers Worrying Update About Season 5

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This Is Us Season 5 is in limbo. 

That's the best way to describe the current situation. 

Series creator Dan Fogelman took to social media over the weekend after a fan retweeted a screenshot from a panel at Deadline's Contenders Television, in which several cast members chatted about the NBC juggernaut. 

Meet The Parents - This Is Us

The fan who retweeted the image asking questions about when the series would enter production, when episodes would air, and if the plan was to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, which delayed production in the first place. 

The other question asked revolved around whether the show would be ending with its already-ordered sixth season. 

Rebecca and Miguel - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 18

Fogelman wrote the following:

“Not sure yet on the production start. Not sure when new eps will air. Yes on COVID. We’ve decided to attack things head-on. Very proud of the This Is Us writers. Same planned ending. Same route to get there."

Several TV shows are gearing up to re-enter production and have tentative start dates, but it seems like This Is Us is not even close to getting the ball rolling. 

NBC previously announced the series would be part of its business as usual fall schedule, but the longer the show is out of production, the less likely a 2020 return date is. 

Proud Papa - This is Us Season 4 Episode 2

There are many variables when it comes to returning to production during a global pandemic. Many TV shows have successfully completed production on episodes since restarting. 

But a lot of precautions have to be taken to make sure the cast and crew are safe from the threat of COVID-19. 

Unless the show enters production by October, then there's a good chance NBC will hold the fifth season until 2020. 

While we don't know what the plans are as of yet for the series, it's highly likely that episodes will take longer to film to have less people on the set. 

Kevin Meets Baby Jack - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 2

It's also possible that it will be filmed more efficiently, but until we have concrete answers, we really don't know. 

It's good that This Is Us is tackling the pandemic because most shows have already announced they will be, and it would feel jarring for the show to overlook it. 

As for the end date, it's increasingly likely we're heading into the penultimate episode, so we need to prepare for life after the Pearsons. 

Kevin is Annoyed - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 18

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