AWAY Season 1 Episode 6 Review: A Little Faith

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Another crisis hits the Atlas on AWAY Season 1 Episode 6 when the water system stops working. The crew must work together, but it is not an easy feat, especially when Misha betrays their trust.

Trust was among many characteristics tested on "A Little Faith," along with consequences and teamwork. However, this episode was special because of how these qualities intertwined together to build faith and make choices.

Meanwhile, we learn about Kwesi's backstory, which provided a lot more context on his character.

Surrounded By Plants - AWAY Season 1 Episode 6

But first, we always knew Misha valued trust and work ethic, but "A Little Faith" showed us that he cares about work ethic more than trust, which was why he did not see an issue in betraying the rest of the crew.

Misha made his choice, which ultimately set up the crew's fate for the rest of the episode. It is not wrong to value work ethic instead of trust, but it is clear Misha did not consider the consequences of either situation.

When you feel too strongly about a specific value or care about two equally, it is more important to consider the consequences of figuring out which outcome is best.

If Misha had looked at the consequences, he would have realized the Atlas was better off directly switching to the backup water system rather than dismantling it to repair the primary system. Not only did he lose his credibility, but he seriously endangered the crew's water supply.

Misha: Kwesi, tell them.
Kwesi: Tell them what?
Misha: Tell them. You... you saw what I can do. You said I was like a great surgeon, so just tell them to have your faith.
Kwesi: You don't know the first thing about my faith. And our commander issued you an order.

A Shocking Betrayal - AWAY Season 1 Episode 6

It was curious to see how AWAY connected Kwesi's backstory to the most nerve-wracking and risky situation the Atlas has been in so far. However, it makes sense -- we knew Kwesi was a man of faith from the very beginning, and "A Little Faith" showed us how he became a faithful person and how he maintains his faith during tough times.

Kwesi has a sad past, but his perseverance and strength are incredibly moving. These two qualities developed Kwesi's faith in the most natural way. Even if you do not believe in a higher power, AWAY Season 1 Episode 6 certainly makes you believe in Kwesi, who does.

But Kwesi was not born a faithful person. We see how he adjusts to his new life in England during flashbacks, forced to make far more choices than the average boy his age. These choices define the rest of his life until the present day on the Atlas.

Initially, Kwesi does not make any choices. He is grateful for his adoptive parents, but he does not understand how they can have such strong beliefs when a boy his age has already experienced so much devastation.

Why does this family get to have a god, but my family did not?


Kwesi's First Passover - AWAY Season 1 Episode 6

But Kwesi's adoptive parents do not give up, especially his father, who introduced Kwesi to his great love, gardening. Kwesi's father was also responsible for his faith discovery.

When I came to this country, I was a young man, but my heart was like yours. I was sad, angry, and scared. When I met Miriam, I didn't know we would fall in love. We started as friends, or she tried to be my friend, but I wasn't interested. We worked together at the World Relief Fund. I was so sad that we couldn't help all of the people. Miriam told stories from the Old Testament. About people who had so many troubles, slaves who wanted to leave the desert. They had no food nor water. But in all of this, God came to their rescue and helped them. I used to make fun of God. I was just like you. I didn't believe there was a God who can do wonders. Then, my life started to improve. The pain in my heart also started to fade away. I started to think about the slaves in the desert. I thought it was their will, their faith in each other, that made God possible in the desert. Maybe we make God. God does not make us. Kwesi, me and Miriam are not asking you to believe in what we believe in. Also, we are not asking you to think about us as your mother and father. We are telling you the important things so that you can follow and choose when you want.

Kwesi's Father

When Kwesi began connecting to faith, we finally learn about his values. Ever since he was a young boy, it was never about believing in a higher power, but rather believing in the people around him.  

Kwesi values people and the sacred connections formed between them. That is how he made past decisions and how he makes them today.

He chose to defend Emma on AWAY Season 1 Episode 1 because she saved him, which created a unique bond between them. He chose to risk his life and save Ram on Season 1 Episode 4 because Kwesi values Ram and their friendship.

Not Everything Damaged is Useless - AWAY Season 1 Episode 6

Kwesi was the first to apologize to Lu on Season 1 Episode 3, and he supported Misha's puppet show on Season 1 Episode 5. Kwesi continued supporting Misha through "A Little Faith" until Misha betrayed them.

Kwesi is the backbone of the Atlas. Emma may be the commander, and Ram may be the physician, but they do not glue the group together -- Kwesi does.

Kwesi is the one who reminds the crew of the importance of believing in each other to save the water system. Without Kwesi, it is arguable the rest of the team would have kept fighting. They would not have fixed anything, and they would have jeopardized their lives to the point of no return.

Kwesi: All right! That's enough! Can't you see what's happening? We're being tested.
Lu: Not everything is an act of your god, Kwesi.
Ram: I'm not sure that's what he meant.
Kwesi: No, that is exactly what I mean. We're all angry and scared. I mean, I spent the day by Misha's side, I have more cause than anyone to feel foolish and betrayed. But I believe that God intends for us to survive, and the reason I believe that is that he has put the five of us together. We have everything we need right here to figure this out. So, no, it's not about faith in God. It's about having faith in each other.

Kwesi may only be a botanist, but he saved the Atlas on AWAY Season 1 Episode 6. 

Tell Them What? - AWAY Season 1 Episode 6

Now that we know about Kwesi's background, we know that his faith is important and intertwined with his choices. Both of these characteristics share Kwesi's ultimate value -- people. Kwesi has a strong faith because of human connection, and he makes his choices based on the people around him.

Kwesi defines himself by the people he meets, the friends he makes, and the faith he puts in them. While it may seem naive, Kwesi is extremely brave for having such a powerful belief in people.

Just imagine how much better this world could be if we valued each other the way Kwesi does. That is why Kwesi's values are brilliant and not naive.

Unfortunately, Kwesi's plants have to pay the price of Misha's betrayal, but Kwesi remains positive. After all, he is a man of faith, and nobody believes in the Atlas crew or this mission more than Kwesi does. That is one of the many benefits of valuing people and their impact on each other.

Ram: It's so ironic, isn't it? We're literally surrounded by water. There's enough in the walls of this ship to keep us alive for weeks.
Misha: Yeah. Yeah, I wish we could access it.
Lu: Even if we could, we still need that water to shield us from radiation.
Ram: But that's the irony. We're like those sailors who die of thirst in the middle of the ocean.
Kwesi: Except that we are not going to die.

Listening to Rain - AWAY Season 1 Episode 6

In the future, no matter how grim things on the Atlas may seem, we know everything will be okay if we believe the way Kwesi does.

Over to you, Fanatics!

What did you think of AWAY Season 1 Episode 6? Were you excited to learn more about Kwesi? Do you understand his character more? How do you think Misha's betrayal will affect crew dynamics moving forward? Now that the Atlas is rationing water, how do you think the journey to Mars will be affected?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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A Little Faith Review

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AWAY Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Misha: When my eyes started going bad, I memorized the chart.
Ram: Misha!
Emma: Why would you do that?
Misha: Because I knew this would happen. I knew... I knew you wouldn't let me do my job. Look, I... I can do it by feel; they trained me to do it by feel. They... I would put together everything with my eyes covered. I know this ship like the back of my hand. I... I have the best hands in space; you know that.
Emma: Misha...
Misha: No, stop it! No "Misha." This is what I do.

Why does this family get to have a god, but my family did not?