Supernatural Fans Blast Series Finale: You Ruined Our Show!

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Thursday night was pivotal in the TV world. 

After 15 seasons, Supernatural came to an end, and it left fans with many emotions. 

Unfortunately, it seems like much of the emotion is not positive with some fans taking to social media to voice their displeasure with the way the series wrapped up. 

supernatural series finale

Supernatural Season 15 Episode 20 found Dean (Jensen Ackles) losing his life during the final case for the brothers. 

It involved vampires kidnapping children as part of a sick ritual. He was then sent to heaven and reunited with Bobby (Jim Beaver). 

One Last Mission - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 20

If you thought there would be a reunion between Dean and Castiel, then we have bad news. There wasn't one. 

Sam (Jared Padalecki), however, got to live out the rest of his life before dying of old age, which was a somewhat ordinary ending for the character. 

The fans of supernatural are vocal, and they quickly lit up social media with their thoughts on the finale. 

"I think it’s safe to say #Supernatural topped #GameOfThrones for worst end of a series ever," said one fan. 

Is That a Monster? - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 20

"Congratulations to the Supernatural Finale you've somehow made the Game Of Thrones ending look half decent, said another, adding:

"What an achievement."

"I see #supernatural pulled the Game of Thrones. I peaced out eons ago but yeah, I can't imagine sticking with something FIFTEEN years .. for that," said another. 

Yep, many of the show's fans are comparing the final episode to that of Game of Thrones, the HBO epic which went out to a less than stellar reception in May, 2019. 

Sam In the Bunker - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 20

The reaction was not much better on Reddit. 

"absolutely hated it. the thing happens and then the rest of the episode is just a montage of what’s happening (which was boring!!!!! they didn’t give us anything) just to have that ending???? so empty,” a Reddit user wrote.

“Agreed. I just feel sad and empty. They took any mystery out of it, and I now understand why Jensen Ackles said he had a lot issues with it initially. Dean deserved more than that anti-climactic ending,” another Reddit user wrote of the conclusion.

Sam Soaks Up the Sunshine - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 20

“It also seemed unrealistic that Sam would just go off and live an apple pie life afterwards. Ugh, I don’t know. It just didn’t gel with me and I feel super let down. I kind of wish I hadn’t watched it and just let the series end with 15×19.”

While many viewers criticized the conclusion, there were positive comments, too, but this does all come down to expectations when a series ends. 

TV Fanatic readers chimed in on our series finale review, and the reaction was mostly positive. 

Sam and Baby - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 20

Remember you can watch Supernatural online right here via TV Fanatic, you know, if you're not too cut up about the conclusion. 

What did you think of the ending?

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