Survivor Season 41 Inches Closer to Reality as Production Resumes

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After a lengthy hiatus, a return for Survivor is looking likely.

Jeff Probst announced on Twitter that the beloved CBS reality series is returning to production on Survivor Season 41.

“Fiji has invited us back to their beautiful country to shoot season 41,” Probst said in a video announcement.

Reuniting the Cast - Survivor

“We have all of our COVID protocols in place so that everybody in Fiji will remain safe, all of our crew will be safe, and, of course, our players will be safe."

"I’ve got to tell you, I can’t remember a time when I’ve been this pumped to shoot Survivor, and I’ll tell you why: The past year has reminded me, and I hope it’s reminded you, that you’ve got to live your life like it’s one big great adventure, and Survivor fulfills that."

"So I am thrilled to say I will see you on the island for Survivor 41. Let’s do it!”

Jeff Probst for Season 39 - Survivor

Survivor Season 41 was set to begin filming a year ago, but the COVID-19 pandemic scuttled those plans, throwing the future of the series into doubt.

The most recent season of Survivor aired from February to May 2020, and with several months to complete shooting the season likely, Survivor Season 41 probably won't hit the air until late summer or the fall.

But fear not, rumors are circulating that two seasons will be filmed back-to-back. It's unclear, however, if CBS will want to go back to the typical two seasons a year or if it will want to use the series more sparingly in the event that production is shut down again.

Survivor has been a big performer in the ratings for CBS, and the network has suffered without new episodes.

Endurance Competition - Survivor

Fellow CBS reality series like Love Island, Big Brother, and Tough as Nails all managed to produce seasons under COVID-19 guidelines, but Survivor is more tricky due to it being filmed abroad.

The Amazing Race has similarly been in limbo for a while now due to the nature of the series, but time will tell whether it will return.

Fans of Survivor will be happy to know that production is ramping up.

What are your thoughts on the news, TV Fanatics?

Jeff - Survivor

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Watch Probst's full announcement below.

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