Alexander Meade was formerly Daniel's big brother and now has become his big sister, Alexis.  After Alex supposedly died during a skiing accident, Alexis appeared and is played by the gorgeous Rebecca Romjin.  Apparently those surgeries are a lot better than I thought.

Alexis previously tried to work with Wilhelmina to take her brother Daniel out of his position as editor-in-chief.  She has since repaired her relationship with her brother.

Alexis left the country and show to raise her child, DJ, in France.

Alexis Meade Quotes

Alexis: I accidentally opened up a piece of Daniel's mail
Claire: Darling, given what we're dealing with I think Daniel is going to overlook that
Alexis: No he won't, it was a paternity test
Clarie: I don't understand
Alexis: Daniel isn't Daniel Jr's father... I am

Alexis: What do I do?
Betty: I haven't told Daniel because i know your a good person Alexis. Right now you're the only person that can prove that

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Ugly Betty Quotes

Daniel: One more day of hookie.
DJ: Like a prostitute?
Daniel: Woh, no prostitutes. Only when you're older. Achem, I mean, not at all son.

Betty: You know you don't always have to bring me back to Queens
Matt: Well that's where my queen lives