Dr. Robert "Bob Kelso" is the former Chief of Medicine of Sacred Heart on Scrubs and is played by Ken Jenkins.  Although Dr. Kelso is generally portrayed as mean-spirited and heartless, he really is just doing his job as the Chief and is looking out for the hospital's best interests.  Now retired, Dr. Kelso still hangs around the hospital and is much more human showing his softer side and ofering advice.

Kelso often refers to his obese wife Enid and his gay son Harrison, though neither have appeared on the show.

Bob Kelso Quotes

J.D.: You're an actor.
Janitor: You're a fireman! What are we doing?
J.D.: Game over, Klaus. I saw you in 'The Fugitive'.
Janitor: Ohhh, yeah, yeah. I was in a Harrison Ford movie, but, you know what, I chose this life instead 'cause it's a little more glamorous.
Dr. Kelso: Hey, champ. There's some vomit on the back steps with your name on it.
Janitor: Well, that's my cue. Action!

(On phone) Mabel, this is Bob Kelso. Uh, what's say we juggle some things and see if we can't free-ride Mr. Milligan financially for a while, okay?...Yes, this is really Bob Kelso!

Dr. Kelso
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Honestly, I haven't been this happy since Christmas when I was seven years old and my father showed me how to make a snow angel. Actually, he was passed out drunk in the yard... But I did take his arms and his legs and move them back and forth... And... the paramedics said it was one of the finest snow angels that they'd ever seen. So, maybe the fact that I am the kinder, gentler Cox is every last bit of okay. Maybe it's a... a natural progression. It's not like there's any real ramifications... right?

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