Eddie Thawne is Detective Joe West's partner in the Central City Police Department. He's an efficient cop and all around good guy.

He is also dating Joe's daughter Iris, a fact Barry Allen is not too pleased about. Thawne has a mysterious past and a dark secret, is he really a good guy? In the comics, Eobard Thawne is The Flash's nemesis the Reverse-Flash. The two share the same last name, is there another connection?

Eddie Thawne Quotes

Eddie: Why did it not kill me?
Joe: I don't know, Eddie.
Eddie: But you know more than you've been telling me.
Joe: They're called metahumans.
Eddie: Metahumans.
Joe: People with very powerful abilities. You and me are the only guys on the force who know what's really going on and we need to keep it that way so nobody else gets hurt. Can you do that?
Eddie: [node] And The Flash? Do you know who he is?
Joe: Yeah, I do. He's the guy that saved both of our lives tonight.

I believe in what I can see, what I can touch, what I can feel; which means I believe in you.

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The Flash Quotes

You didn't call, you didn't write, didn't race over...


You're starting to do that thing Oliver does, Barry. Carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You gotta stop that, man. It's gonna slow you down.