Harrison Wells (HR) Quotes

Caitlin: H.R., how does she know you?
Cisco: Talk! Who is this gorgeous intruder?
H.R.: Her name is Gypsy. And she's what's known on my Earth as a collector.
Caitlin: What is she collecting?
H.R.: She's come to collect...you know. Me.

HR: Wallace, BA. You're supposed to be dressed for the museum opening.
Wally: We're speedsters. We have time.
HR: Nobody likes a bragger.
Cisco: Yeah, but we were actually talking about something important before you showed up.
HR: You..okay...you clean up well.
Cisco: Thank you.
HR: I like the way you dress.

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The Flash Quotes

You didn't call, you didn't write, didn't race over...


You're starting to do that thing Oliver does, Barry. Carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You gotta stop that, man. It's gonna slow you down.