Is a rebellious genius, recruited in the second season as an alternative to imprisonment after being arrested for fraud (allegedly causing the New York Stock Exchange to crash). He also develops a relationship with Jo Lupo shortly after his arrival in Eureka. However, this relationship is erased with the change in timeline.

Zane Donovan Quotes

Zane: Tell me that's not another oxygen leak.
Fargo: it's not another oxygen leak.
Zane: You're lying.
Fargo: Big time, we're screwed.

Fargo: it says unknown caller, what do you think the roaming charges are in space?
Zane: Answer it!

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Eureka Quotes

Carter: You sure this is not some sort of science-geek-ren-faire thing?
Allison: Well, either we are both having the same delusion or we are really stuck in 1947.

Carter: What does a nanny have that I don't?
Allison: A PhD in early childhood development with an emphasis on organic nutrition.