Dinner For Four - Masters of Sex
When everyone meets for dinner their differeing agendas come into play on Masters of Sex. "Party of Four" is the 11th episode of the show's third season.

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Masters of Sex
Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 11: "Party of Four"
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

You were just looking out for yourself. You're always just looking out for yourself.


Coat check girl: May I take your coats?
Bill: Yes, thank you.
Virginia: I'll keep mine, thank you very much.
Bill: You sure? I think you'll be more comfortable..
Virginia: Is this another thing you would like to overrule me on?
Bill: The lady will be keeping her coat.
Virginia: In case I throw a drink in his face and need to make a speedy exit, which is entirely possible.