Elektra's Choice - Pose Season 1 Episode 3
In an effort to make the final move to becoming the woman she is, Elektra visits a doctor doing sex change operations to consider her options and future.

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Pose Season 1 Episode 3: "Giving and Receiving"
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Pose Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Blanca: You think this is the first time since I've been diagnosed that I've had to talk about somebody dying of this plague? Don't you dare treat me as delicate.
Pray: The worst part is that I'm used to it by now. Do you know how many boyfriends I've seen go in there over the last four years? How are we supposed to get invested in someone if they can be gone a week later.
Blanca: As if this life wasn't hard enough.

Damon: Papi. That's not what I choreographed. You look like a gremlin.
Papi: I ain't a dancer.
Damon: It's like this: If you are going to win at snowball, and we are all walking as a house, you have to do it like this because that's the way to win, okay? So just watch me.