Everybody's Talking About Jamie Film Review

Everybody's Talking About Jamie Review

An excellent adaptation of the beloved West-End Musical, Everybody's Talking About Jamie highlights stunning performances, but something feels missing. Check out our review!
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Annette Movie Review

Annette Movie Review

In Amazon Prime's Musical Annette, the performances and music shine against an often lackluster, always strange script about an unlikely pair's sweeping romance.
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Every small town has a secret. Ours has a game. The losers stay here where losing is what we do best. The winners get out. In Carp, Texas, out is the only place worth going. That’s why players risk their lives to win.


Natalie: When we win Panic, we don’t have to worry about jobs.
Heather: [To Bishop] What did I tell you, right? She’s serious.
Natalie: You guys should be rooting for me!
Heather: People died last year, Natalie.
Natalie: People die in bathtubs and in car accidents.
Heather: Especially when they’re walking blindfolded across the freeway.