It'll never change that you're my mom and you always will be.


I'm not a bad man. I'm not.


Veronica: Like it or not, Bringston is going to have to become more inclusive.
Amara: You mean more white?

Simone: Thea, as your friend, I hate her.
Thea: That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. Thank you.

what's the point of saving Bringston if it's not Bringston anymore?


TK: Marry me.
Carlos: TK...
TK: Baby I'm serious.
Carlos: TK, we've had a pretty traumatic week.
TK: It's not trauma, it's love.

TK: I can't do it again, dad.
Owen: I'm pretty sure I would be doing it again.
TK: No, I mean, I can't lose another parent.

TK: How do you feel, dad?
Owen: Like a building fell on me.

Gwyn: You can't save everyone.
Owen: I wish I could've saved you.

Buck: She promised me, Cap. She promised me she wouldn't do the story, and I believed her. I'm sorry I let you down.
Bobby: This wasn't your fault, Buck. You know, I can't even blame Taylor for all this. She's a reporter. She wasn't the one running around playing God right under my nose.
Buck: Cap, you couldn't have known.
Bobby: I should have! It's my job.

Buck: I just, I wish I could-
Eddie: Fix it?
Buck: Yeah, yeah. I know I'm the guy who always wants to fix everything.
Eddie: Hey! It comes in handy when you have a bunch of holes in your wall.

Hen: Yes. My mother didn't come to our wedding. But I've found a way to let it go. It was still a beautiful day.
Karen: You didn't see the look on your face.