Attention shoppers, please bring your final purchases up to checkout, 'cause this store is about to close forever. On behalf of everyone here at Cloud 9, I'd just like to say, BUH-BYE! Sorry, that shouldn't be the last thing I say. Twenty years of announcements. I mean, I'm not a sentimental guy; that's not my thing. But it did just occur to me that this is... this is the end. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a job. I mean, if jobs were fun, they wouldn't pay us to do it, but occasionally there were moments that weren't so bad. Memories are the only things I can remember right now. You know, most jobs suck ninety-nine percent of the time, so you really... you really gotta enjoy those moments that don't. Those bits of fun you have during downtime. Or an interesting conversation with a co-worker. Or something happens that you can laugh about later. Or you do something that you're actually proud of. If you're lucky, maybe you even get to be friends with a co-worker or two along the way. Not sure what else you could want at a job. At any rate, thank you for shopping with us. Cloud 9 is now closed.


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Superstore Season 6 Episode 15: "All Sales Final"
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Superstore Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Glenn: You know Mateo, it's funny. You're undocumented, and I'm over sixty, and America doesn't want either of us to work anymore.
Mateo: Right, but I'm under constant fear of deportation, and you get discounts at movie theaters, so.
Glenn: Not new releases.
Mateo: Wow. Must be awful to live in terror of spoilers.

Amy: I thought I'd show up on the last day and surprise everybody.
Nia: That's so nice! What's the surprise?
Amy: Um, just me.
Nia: Oh. I thought it would be like, donuts or something.