Jennifer: It's been a rough year for Abigail. Just when I thought she and Chad were going to have a normal life, Andre died and then the DID and now this whole Gabi mess...
Julie: It's been a rough year for you too. You fell in love -- which was a long time coming and well deserved, by the way -- only to get your heartbroken.
Jennifer: I lost Eric because I kept it secret from him for months that Nicole was alive. Whenever you lie to the one you love, it ends badly. But I am done. I mean it. My resolution this year is no more love, ever.
Julie: What a load of malarky! You don't give up on love. You forgive yourself and you move on! Preferably with tall, dark, and handsome. Or whatever floats your boat.
Jennifer: Honestly, I think my boat sank when Jack died.

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