I wish my dad had my back the way you have Jacob’s. You want the best for him. I can respect that. He deserves it. He’s a good kid, but he’s not a firefighter, and if you come at this like a chief and not a father, you’ll see that. You wouldn’t send your men into a burning building with someone you knew wasn’t up to snuff. And you were right to blame me for what happened at the Academy, but the mistake I made was giving Jacob too many chances. I should have cut him sooner. I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but he’ll be OK. He’ll land on his feet wherever he ends up because he has a father who supports him.


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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 11: "A Couple Hundred Degrees"
Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 11 Quotes

Herrmann: I got someone to set you up with.
Ritter: Oh, no, that’s not necessary or even a good idea but thank you.
Herrmann: What, no, he’s in Cindy’s book club.
Ritter: Let me guess. He’s the only other gay friend you have.
Herrmann: Uh, that’s possible, but that doesn’t mean he’s not the right guy for you. I mean you probably even know him.
Ritter: You think all gay people in Chicago know each other?
Herrmann: No, but my point is Andy is a great guy, and I think you two would hit it off.

Casey: I wanted to let you know with respect to our conversation last shift, you don’t need to worry. The headaches, all that, they stopped.
Gallo: That’s great.
Casey: And I talked to Will Halstead over at Med, so it’s all good.
Brett: What’s all good?
Casey: I had a couple bad headaches last shift, but it’s all cleared up.
Brett: I’m glad you’re better.