Nathan Petrelli: I'm sorry. You're gonna have to go.
Peter Petrelli: I see. You know what? I'm just gonna go fly off the terrace. Yeah. No? Nathan, I can fly. So can you. Let's go do a couple of laps around the Statue of Liberty, and give this tweeter-guy something to really talk about.
Nathan Petrelli: You wouldn't.
Peter Petrelli: Hey?

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Nathan Petrelli, Peter Petrelli
Heroes Season 1 Episode 7: "Nothing to Hide"
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Heroes Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Lyle Bennet: I'm gonna put this on Youtube and make like a million bucks!
Zach: Youtube's free, you idiot.
Lyle Bennet: Are you an alien? Is he an alien too?
Zach: Yeah, yeah! We're aliens! We've come to anal probe you!

Lyle Bennett: [about Claire's tape] I'm going to post this on YouTube and make like a million bucks!
Zach: YouTube's free, you idiot!
Claire Bennet: Zach, you're not helping!