Kat: Maybe I might be bisexual. And you guys know I hate labels, but this one feels important right now to own the space I’m in and to make sense of it.
Sutton: If you need a label, pick a label, any label.
Kat: Thank you.
Jane: Bisexual, lesbian, queer, Kat, we love all of them as long as you’re just being you.

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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 6: "To Peg or Not to Peg"
The Bold Type
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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Cody: Thank you, my lady.
Kat: I had no idea you were such a cheeseball.
Cody: But totally endearing right?
Kat: If you wanna call it that.
Cody: Beautiful and sarcastic, a deadly combination.

Sutton: It sounds like your heart is a lesbian and your vagina is bisexual.
Kat: Or, I’m Kat, over of human beings.