Kate: Jeanette’s been preparing and building her case in secret for months.
Joy: Yeah, like a venomous snake!
Kate: She’s smart to do that. Sociopathic and no conscious or soul … but smart. Lucky for us, I’m smarter. And I don’t go hunting without arming up first. So, I am asking, how do I prepare?

Mallory: Can I confess something?
Kate: Sure.
Mallory: I used to really dislike you, like A LOT.
Kate: I don’t hear that very often.
Mallory: Yeah, I’m starting to get why.

Kate: Our parents have been basically married for a decade and we’re pretty much strangers.
Ashley: I want to change that! Talking might help. I can listen.
Kate: I have a therapist for that.
Ashley: A therapist is not a sister.
Kate: And neither are you.

Kate: Secrets are scary because everybody has them.
[Kate gets up from the firepit]
Kate: Well, sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Jamie: Jeanette…
[Jeanette turns to Jamie]
Jamie: You were the one that told me that Kate went missing, remember? How it seemed like at the time you were the only person who knew before anybody else did. How was that?
Jeanette: Screw you.
[She turns to leave]

Vince: I need to ask you something, and you need to tell me the truth. Jeanette, how many times have you been in this house?
Jeanette: A lot. I got addicted to the rush of it.

You are actually trash, Jeanette Turner!


Vince: Really? What? No mocking whatsoever?!
Mallory: She went through something. I’m not heartless!
Vince: Yeah, but you’re you. Look, I find her movie selection creepy.

Jeanette Turner, I hope you rot in hell.


Jamie: Did you see her?
[Jamie turns his head]
Jeanette: Look at me! No! Of course not.
Jamie: I just don’t know what to think.
Jeanette: You know I would never lie to you. I would never lie to you, okay?

Jeanette: Mallory, I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m here. I’ve been here. You can say that I pulled away from you, but you pulled away from me too. So, I don’t understand where all this rage is coming from, but if you want to talk, you know where to find me.
[Jeanette gives Mallory a hug]
Mallory: God, you sound just like her.

Kate: Mama. Mama, I’m so sorry. I jumped to conclusions and I didn’t…
[Joy pulls Kate away]
Joy: Listen here, Little Miss, if you make false allegations about sins like adultery, and which could ruin this family as we know it, that is very unflattering. You’re embarrassing yourself. Now run along. As I very clearly stated, I don’t want to speak with you in this moment.

Freeform Quotes

Jeanette Turner, I hope you rot in hell.


Jace: You experimented on me?
Valentine: I made you stronger, faster; more lethal than any other Shadowhunter.
Jace: Why?
Valentine: To create the perfect weapon, the ideal marriage of good and evil: A Shadowhunter with pure demon blood.