Keep the other Matthew safe for me so he can find me one day.


Let's go meet our future.


Marcus: What does the covenant actually stand for today? Segregation, discrimination. We need to evolve if we want to survive.
Phoebe: Hasn't the change already started? I mean, look at this table. Four species dining together. From what Marcus has told me, that's not something that happened very often.
Look, I know I'm pretty new to all this, and I don't mean to be forward, but it seems pretty obvious that the only way forward is together.

You're everything that we dreamed you'd one day become.


Matthew: Forgive me, Stephen, but why are you here?
Stephen: I'm an anthropologist. I'm here to observe. And to look for something. An alchemical book, Ashmole 782.

Diana will unite all creatures against bigots like you, and she will avenge me!


Gerbert: It would take a powerful witch to get close.
Peter: I'm not your hunting dog, Gerbert.
Gerbert: Fetch.

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I don't care if you're Charles Darwin. You can't timewalk with a powerful object you don't understand. You've already messed with history. You won't find your answers here. The book stays.


[with admiration] Some witches would kill for that kind of power. [looks around] What did I say?


There is so much I want to tell you. I'm terrified of changing anything, and yet I'm desperate to change everything.


Matthew: What did you find?
Diana: You. Only you.

Matthew: No. From here, the heart vein. They say it tastes sweeter. To drink from one's mate is to know that nothing is hidden, and all that is left is complete belonging and honesty.
Diana: Drink that.
Matthew: Then I will know your secrets, and you won't know mine.
Diana: I could. The witch's kiss allows me to see inside your soul.
Matthew: You might not like what you find.

A Discovery of Witches Quotes

Gerbert: What is it? What can you see? Is Diana the witch from the prophecy?
Luisa: Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf for with it she shall destroy the children of the night.
Gerbert: I know that; I know. Speak to me or you will get no more of this.
Luisa: Two. Light. Dark.
Gerbert: There are two witches?
Luisa: One close.
Gerbert: Who is she, and where can I find her?

I'm still not comfortable around magic, especially after what happened to my parents. I still find it... I just find it difficult.