I don't understand. Only witches who were mad were ever spellbound. Witches who hurt people. What am I?


We believe that you may have been spellbound.


Agatha: Does that mean the baby could be a witch?
Sophie: I've got a pretty strong feeling that she is.
Agatha: And you didn't think to tell me?
Nat: If our baby is a witch born of demons, she'll be everything the Congregation fears and wants to destroy.

Sophie: I think our connection is so strong because she's a witch, and well, I was born of witches.
Agatha: You're a witch?
Sophie: No. No, I'm a demon. But my parents were witches and my grandparents and theirs before them, and...
Agatha: It can't be possible.

You've both shown that you have some fight in you. Hold onto that because you're gonna need it. Do whatever it is you must to survive. You can't hold the Congregation off forever. It's imperative that you make your next move before they make theirs. Do you understand?


Baldwin: We do not come to the aid of our master to protect a forbidden love affair!
Matthew: Diana is in need of our protection from her own people, and I will see to it that she gets it.
Baldwin: Philippe should never have passed the order onto you when he died.
Matthew: Baldwin de Claremont, I call upon you to to fulfill your sworn oath and enter the battlefield where you will obey my commands until I release you.

Diana: Did you kill Gillian?
Matthew: No, I did not. But I should have for betraying you. I spared her life. And I will not make the same mistake again. And I will hunt down anyone who wishes to harm you, and I will kill them. I told you.
Diana: I know you told me. Promise me one thing.
Matthew: Name it.
Diana: You won't go after Satu. I want to deal with her myself.

Satu said she was going to open me up. But she didn't.


Marthe: Marie, dieu mere.
Matthew: It's my insignia.
Ysabeau: She's branded you.

You showed such strength. Ma lionne.


I'll never let you go again.


Magic's in the heart.


A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Relax. We're both witches, Diana. I am not your enemy.


A witch in flight. I haven't seen that in many, many years.