Sousa: I think I'm a fan of the twenty-first century.
Daisy: Yeah, don't get your hopes up. We make a mean prosthetic, but, uh, Fascism is back.
Sousa: You mean the thing I helped wipe out ten years ago?
Daisy: Yeah, the past won't leave us alone.

Say what you will about the 50s', at least it doesn't know chivalry is dead.


Sousa: Hey, what are you doing up?
Daisy: Why do you care?
Sousa: Because you don't.

Daisy: Every time I ask you for help, you say yes. Even if I don't ask, you're waiting here to make sure I rest, or whatever. Why? Be honest.
Sousa: Honest? I know your type.
Daisy: My what now?
Sousa: I know people like you. Some of my favorite people are people like you. Focused on the greater good, even at your own expense. You want people to think you like being alone, even though you always end up back with friends. You hate losing.
Daisy: Everyone hates losing.
Sousa: Yeah, but you all keep running at the problem full tilt until you either solve it or slam headlong into a brick door.
Daisy: Some of those walls were literal.
Sousa: I know.
Daisy: But how does that-
Sousa: Because when people like you run into those walls, you should have someone there to pick you back up.
Daisy: And you, you like to be that someone?
Sousa: Not for everyone. It helps if they're fun to be around and if they say what they mean and if they have that superpower where they can rock things around, which is very impressive.
Daisy: That's, um, that is awfully specific.
Sousa: Mmhm.

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Coulson: The time drive is stuck. It keeps looping back on itself over and over again.
Daisy: Like feedback.
Coulson: I've been thinking about it like a record skipping. Every time I say that you give me the same look. Vinyl's back. You're supposed to know records again.

Daisy: I think I'm time looping. I, I've done this already. I've done this, already.
Simmons: Oh, well that's fun.
Sousa: It's actually creepy.

Coulson: That did not go well.
Sousa: Where did he get all those weapons?
May: Deke's dead?
Daisy: Very.
Mack: Don't we need to be sad about that?
Daisy: We do not.

Daisy: What's happening?
May: Time drive overloaded.
Sousa: Any chance that's twenty-first century slang for worked normally?

Coulson: I don't like watching you die. I don't like watching any of you die, over and over.
Daisy: We'll figure this out. You know we will.
Coulson: Sure, but in the meantime, it is soul-crushing, if I even have a soul.
Daisy: Don't talk like that again. Of course, you have a soul.
Coulson: Don't say that. Don't say "of course." I'm not who I was. And this thing, I was Max Headroom for a year. And you know what? Being trapped in a time loop, watching my friends die, helpless to stop it, it's not some time-space anomaly. It's a damn metaphor. This is my life now.
Daisy: Does it not occur to you that I might know something about watching my friend die over and over again?
Coulson: This is different.
Daisy: Is it?
Coulson: I will watch all of you die, one by one. Everyone I love. Because someone decided I should. I'm a machine now. I have programming.

Daisy: Enoch, the team will carry on the mission. We will survive because of you. Thank you.
Enoch: You are most welcome. But Agent Johnson, while your friends will indeed survive, the team will not.
Daisy: Wha-what do you mean?
Enoch: I have seen the future. Carry on this mission, cherish it for it will be your last mission together.
Daisy: That's, that's not possible. I, Enoch this is my family.
Enoch: Of course, yet this is the nature of family. I have seen it countless times, on countless worlds. People arrive, so we celebrate, and people leave us, so we grieve. We do what we can with the time in between, but the cycle is always there. No one escapes it. Not even me.
Coulson: Which means you're not alone. You're a part of that cycle.
Daisy: Like every other living thing.
Enoch: Fitz, he was my best friend.
Daisy: And you were a good friend to Fitz. You were a good friend to all of us.
Enoch: As I have always...

Simmons: The jumps and the time we spend in any given time period are getting exponentially shorter. If they keep getting smaller...
Mack: We sink.
Simmons: Metaphorically, yes. For us, that means a jump within a jump, which leads to, honestly, I have no idea.
Sousa: Finally. The scientist from the future and I are on the same page.

Yo-Yo: This plan's pretty thin, May.
May: I'd rather have a thin plan than live through the '80s again.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Quotes

So this is the business you’re protecting? Your creepy opium den of fantasy?


Yo-Yo: You won’t listen! I am in a nightmare, and I’m screaming at the top of my lungs and not one of you can hear me!
Simmons: We hear you!
Yo-Yo: But you won’t *listen*! You all saw what happened, and none of you will help me stop this! [turns to Mack] I’m alone. Even you, even you won’t help me.
Mack: No. You’re not alone. We’re in this with you, but you need to hold it together.
Yo-Yo: There’s nothing holding us together!
Mack: Yes, there is! HOPE! We never give up. We’re always held together by hope! So we cling to it, and we vote. We vote.