I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I just wanted to get away, have a fun summer. A little fresh air, some canoeing. Archery.


Brooke: What's a Ninja?
Montana: A badass motorcycle.

I believe in baby Jesus, and I believe in you.


Pain is all I've ever known. Pain is how the world's always talked to me. Why shouldn't pain be the way I talk back?


Margaret: Who are you?
Richard: A servant of the Lord's son.
Margaret: You're a Christian?
Richard: The other one. The one he cast out.

Shit. I think he was checkin' me out.


Chet: Do either of you know who he is?
Ray: He's the dead guy with a fuckin' hole in his head!

That's no cock. It's an act of God.


You don't have to fear the worst when it's already happened.


Brooke: Miss Booth, I think we're in danger.
Margaret: Yes, we are in danger -- from sin.

Let's jam. A storm's coming. You don't want to be in the water with that lightning rod.


That thing was floppin' around like a baby elephant's trunk.