We got some business to take care of. We got to let people know we're still here.


You've been trying to get away from us since you were a kid. I get it. If I could start over again, a chance to be normal, I'd do it too. I am what I am.


Billy: I think I did that a lot of that stuff when you were a kid because I was jealous. You were the love of her life.
Pope: She hated me.
Billy: She didn't hate you. What the hell are you talking about? She worshipped the ground you walked on. You came from Colin. He died. He didn't get a chance to disappoint her like the rest of us.

Angela: I'm with the Codys now.
Mike: Yeah, well, Smurf's dead. Codys don't mean shit anymore.

J: Are you following me or something?
Angela: I'm your guardian angel, J.

You want to be one of us so bad. You think you can run the family? You think you can be Smurf? You're a leech J. None of us trust you. You've been lying to us since the day you showed up. You got 24 hours to pack your shit and get out.


J: We need to have a funeral or a memorial or something.
Pope: What?
J: All eyes are on us right now. We're still the Codys. Everyone needs to know we're strong with or without Smurf. We need to let people know that we'll take care of business.
Pope: No funeral.

Remove the glasses. You're not John Gotti.


I'm going to hit the road. I don't like staying in one place for too long.


J, I don't think Deran's strong enough to handle this. Do you, baby?


Deran: How she look?
Pope: She looks like Smurf.

Pope: What is this place? Smurf!
Smurf: Your father's buried here.
Pope: What?!

Animal Kingdom Quotes

Craig: I guess we're Lutheran. Who knew?
Daren: It must have been the cheapest.

Your mom just died, man. It's a free pass.