Nucky: My circumstances have changed. There are things I won't do anymore. You understand that don't you?
Margaret: There's what I know, what I suspect and what I don't think I should ever hear.

Remember all I did was for you. To leave you with something better. And that can't be for nothin.


Joe Kennedy: Three things are difficult to understand. The work of the bees, the movements of the tide and the mind of a woman.
Margaret: Here is an experiment for you. Think about the things you want in life, then picture yourself in a dress.

In the end we do what we have the nerve for or we disappear.

The Commodore

Joe Harper: What's it like, when you see it?
Nucky: You tell yourself it's quick, but you don't know. You can't know until it's you and then you'll never tell anyone.

Eli: What did you just do?
Nucky: I don't know.

Nucky: You and your boss have crossed the line.
Meyer: I'm my own boss Mr. Thompson.

Charlie: What do you want?
Nucky: A meeting so we can settle this bullshit.
Charlie: I'll meet you at your funeral. We can talk there.

All a dream to begin with. Ain't nobody ever been free.


Mike D'Angelo: Your wife told you to rob Al Capone?
Van Alden: We're having trouble at home.
Eli: I can vouch for that.

Woman in bar: This is where hope comes to get fucked in the ass.
Nucky: When's she showing up?

Daughter: She's not his.
Chalky: Then whose?
Daughter: Just mine.

Boardwalk Empire Quotes

Purity, sobriety, and the white Christian's Jesus.

KKK Member

Nucky: First rule of politics, kiddo: never let the truth get in the way of a good story.