Kelly: My dad is now sending me text messages about Grizz and how personally he's taking all this.
Stella: For tough guy firefighters, they got pretty thin skin.

Kelly: You try and do a good deed, you know?
Matt: Welcome to politics.

It's not his time, okay? It's my time. And let me tell you something, old friend, you're going to wish you hadn't stabbed me in the back.

Gris [to Kelly]

You know, I love this department. I just can't sit on the sidelines anymore, hope someone else takes care of it.


Look, I hate it when you get mad at me. But just for the record, I hate it even more when you don't.

Joe [to Sylvie]

Joe: Well, I think it goes without saying you were right.
Sylvie: Hmm, actually, I think it should be said.

The thing is, people in this city respect you. And it's because of something you taught us since day one. You get respect not just by earning it, but by giving it. It's why we would follow you anywhere and why we think others would too. I know you've been feeling like you don't have anything left to teach us, but I'm telling 'ya, you do. And you should be teaching from a higher perch, where every firefighter in Chicago can benefit from it.


Joe: Ow! Okay, really I can do this.
Sylvie: Really? Do you have eighteen months paramedic training?
Joe: Okay, it's not an IV, it's just a bag of peas. I got it, I got it.

Firefighter: Even if we get Boden's name out there, how do we know he'll make the kind of deals he needs to land the job?
Severide: He probably won't. It's just not in his blood. But if you ask me, that's exactly the kind of guy the department needs.

So I'm thinking, who is the smartest, most knowledgeable firefighter with just enough rugged good looks who could sway a jury?


Mouch: I thought you swore off kids sports forever after that hockey fiasco a few years back.
Herrmann: The kids are never the problem. It's the parents.
Sylvie: Do you include yourself in that?

I spent too much time backpedaling from the future, instead...I'm just going to get to living life.


Chicago Fire Season 6 Quotes

Hermann: How ya feelin', dead Mouch?
Mouch: I'm not dead, Hermann.
Hermann: You flatlined! I've seen bodies in a morgue move more than you!

Cruz: MOUCHIE! He's back! [hugs Mouch and kisses his forehead] You look incredible! Doesn't he look incredible?
Otis: Incredible.
Cruz: It's good to have you back, Mouch.
Mouch: Thanks.
Otis: It's almost like you didn't go visit him every single day he was laid up.