Stella: Captain, I just want to say that I don't know whose name you were going to pick --
Matt: This was just a scheme to get Otis to do all your chores? [Stella stutters] Well played.

Stella: Look, he is gonna pick my name, so this is my moment for maximum leverage.
Otis: Have you been dating a stock broker when I wasn't looking?

Joe: What do I do?
Sylvie: Seriously? You cannot go through with this. You're too good a guy. You have too good a heart. You're literally one of the *ultimate* catches walking around Chicago, and this woman, whatever she's playing at, she does not deserve you.

Alright. Don't even think about that turtle enclosure you backed right into and crushed, alright. You got this Otis.


Josef Ignacio Cruz! Look at you, looking as fine as 1999.


Just got to thinking. I spent a lot of time waiting for good things and not enough time pursuing 'em. Mom and dad, they brought me up humble and proud, so awards, commendations, promotions, they weren't things to seek out. I mean, if they came along, that's fine, but they weren't pursued.


You know, I thought about all the ways I could provide for my daughter while I was in the clinic. I *never* thought about how to get ready for the prom.

Mr. Jamison

Gabby: Well, it turns out Bria does need my help after all, just not the help we were worried about.
Matt: Meaning what?
Gabby [smirking]: Meaning girl stuff. She called the right person, I'll tell you that.

Matt: Okay, let's not jump to the worst conclusion.
Gabby: Well, you know how my brain works.
Matt: I do, which is why I'm gonna tell you to take a deep breath and wait until you actually make contact with her.

Look, the great thing about 51 is we don't baby anybody around here.


Kelly: Wait, wait, wait, wait...Stella, if you're talking about Brittany, we were married for less than a month. It was...the easiest annulment ever. It's like it never even happened.
Stella: That's what concerns me.

Herrmann: So, when you're finished with the bathroom stalls, you can move on to the bunk room.
Lee Henry: Dad, I just --
Herrmann: No lip, alright? You decide to put your brain in the toilet, so be it, alright? Just consider this another of life's lessons. When you got a good thing going, don't press your luck.

Chicago Fire Season 6 Quotes

Hermann: How ya feelin', dead Mouch?
Mouch: I'm not dead, Hermann.
Hermann: You flatlined! I've seen bodies in a morgue move more than you!

Cruz: MOUCHIE! He's back! [hugs Mouch and kisses his forehead] You look incredible! Doesn't he look incredible?
Otis: Incredible.
Cruz: It's good to have you back, Mouch.
Mouch: Thanks.
Otis: It's almost like you didn't go visit him every single day he was laid up.