Scott: How’d you know I’d be here?
Brett: Well, when you weren’t at the apartment, I figured.
Scott: Julie should be here to see her. It’s not right.
Brett: No, it’s not. If you let someone else raise that baby, she might have a great childhood – I did – but you will always wonder what if. I know Julie did, and so will she.
Scott: I can’t give that child what she deserves.
Brett: She deserves a father that loves her, the kind that show up and pace outside her hospital bed, worrying over her, wanting what’s best for her, the kind who can teach her who her mother was. The answer to all those questions I’ll have my whole life. How did she laugh? What movies did she love? What made her happy? That’s what’ll keep Julie here with you, and with that little girl. You can’t let her go, Scott. She needs you.

Kidd: Hey, you OK? Wedding jitters?
Cruz: I just looked out on the apron, and there’s this idiot behind the barricades climbing all over Otis’s memorial like he’s trying to get a better view.
Kidd: That’s not right. You say anything?
Cruz: Following Boden’s orders: don’t engage.
Kidd: It’s for the best. Otis would not want you raising hell on his account.
Cruz: Actually, I think he would.
Kidd: I know. I was just… I was trying to make you feel better.
Cruz: I just thought he’d be here, you know. Standing behind me, up on that altar.
Kidd: He will be.

Boden: This is minimal police involvement?
Officer: They outnumbered us. It called for proportional response.
Casey: This is embarrassing.
Severide: It’s infuriating.

Rivas: First off, engaging with citizens like you is what makes local government so exciting, so I want to thank you for your passion on this issue.
Angry protester: Tell us what you’re gonna do about it.
Rivas: Please, please understand, I was told the closure of 87 would have no delay on emergency response times.
Lewis: But it has.
Rivas: And all those firefighters have transitioned to other houses, so there’s been no loss of jobs.
Lewis: You’re dodging the question.
Rivas: Rest assured, the decision to close the house was well-researched, and we did everything…
Angry protester: Just give them their firehouse back.
All: Yeah.

Rivas: Matt Casey, what’s on fire this time?
Casey: Your whole ward. Do you know what’s happening at my house right now? Why did you shut down Firehouse 87?
Rivas: I didn’t shut anything down. That was a mutual decision between the mayor’s office and the 12th Ward.
Casey: And what did you get out of the deal?
Rivas: You know that’s not fair. You know I’m trying to accomplish a lot of things here, and we had to find the money somewhere. I got a retail development underway, green initiatives…
Casey: Daniel, I need you to talk to these people.
Rivas: That sounds like an issue between the protesters and the CFD.
Casey: Alderman, we did good work together back in the day. I know you’re an honest public servant. I also know you’re allergic to bad press, which is exactly what you’re going to get if I start talking to reporters.

Herrmann: You kicked up quite a fuss, friend. I hope you’re pleased with yourself.
Lewis: I’m doing this for my children. You got kids?
Herrmann: Only five.
Lewis: So you know then. You’d do anything to keep them safe. I have four. If something happens to one of mine, an ambulance has to come an extra mile or two to get there. Would you accept that?
Herrmann: You’re standing up for something, taking action, I can respect that. I’ve done it myself a few times, but the people in this house, they run into burning buildings every day for this community. We don’t want to see a station closed either. You think that this is the best way to get what you want?
Lewis: First, we tried calling the CFD’s main line. We must have left 80 messages; not one of us got a call back. So we showed up in person, got turned away. Then we went to the papers. They said our story was too bureaucratic, not sexy enough. It’s easy to disagree with the method when the problem isn’t yours. So let me ask you, when you took action, how did you get them to hear you?
Herrmann: I lit a sofa on fire. Yeah.
Lewis: This isn’t perfect. Sometimes you gotta light things up. And if it means keeping my family and my neighborhood safe, then I’m gonna burn a few couches.

Ritter: We were thinking…
Gallo: Since we have the Instagram up and running.
Boden: I already don’t like this.
Gallo: These protesters want to know they’re being heard, so maybe we put out a statement, let them know 51 is behind the community.
Boden: Absolutely not.
Gallo: We thought if their issue got a little more attention…
Boden: The last thing this thing needs is more attention.

Boden: Hey, what are you doing to our rigs?
Lewis: This is a formal protest of the closing of Station 87.
Herrmann: 87? We didn’t close 87? We’re picking up the slack. We’re pissed too.
Boden: Hey, take those chains off now.
Lewis: We’re not going anywhere.
Herrmann: You know what, that’s it. Screw this. 51 move it on out. Hey, you better unlock your friend here before he gets ripped in half.
Boden: Herrmann, do not move that engine.

Herrmann: How do you guys have that much energy?
Mouch: We should not have tried to keep pace with them last night.
Cruz: You had three beers then starting dozing off.
Mouch: It was four.

Brett: Sorry, I just needed to be somewhere quiet. Scott came by. He wants me to take the baby.
Casey: What?
Brett: I mean I know I offered to help, but I didn’t expect… I mean that’s crazy. I can’t… I can’t take of a baby right now. And there’s no way that’s what he actually wants, you know. He’s just panicking, right?
Casey: That would be my guess, but I don’t really know him.
Brett: Neither do I. I barely knew Julie, except that I did. I mean, I knew her as well as I’ve ever known anyone, and I miss her already, so much. I was supposed to have more time.
Casey: I’m sorry Sylvie.
Brett: I don’t know what to do.
Casey: Hey, whatever you decide, I’m here.

Boden: So it still may be a couple of months, but Alderman Rivas has promised to do everything he can to reopen Firehouse 87.
Lewis: That’s uh, wow. I almost can’t believe it. What, what changed his mind?
Boden: A reminder that we all want what’s best for the community.

Brett: Uh, what’s wrong?
Doctor: Our suspicion was right. It was a placental abruption. The baby’s oxygen was compromised so we performed a cesarean, but Julie developed preeclampsia, and… we did everything we could. She lost a lot of blood. I’m very sorry. She died on the table Sylvie.
Brett: Oh no.
Doctor: Julie is related to you how?
Brett: She’s my mother. Um, is the baby…
Doctor: The baby’s doing well. Would you like to see her?
Brett: Um, um…
Casey: Go, go.

Chicago Fire Season 8 Quotes

The order was mine. In a fire scene, in all the chaos and unpredictability, a firefighter can only relay back to his incident commander the information he has at the time, but it is up to the chief to make a decision where or when to send the additional resources … It was I, not Captain Casey, not anyone else, but I who ordered them into the fire scene. So if you are looking to blame someone, if you are looking for a human scapegoat, blame me.


Cruz: I know you’re going up to a better place and I know when you get there, they’re going to welcome you with open arms. Maybe, you could save us a place to live up there together, you know. I’ll be there someday. I love you brother. I love you, and I’m going to miss you.
Otis: Brother, I will be with you always.