I'm sorry you've been stuck cleaning up my mess.


Kreese: This is it, Johnny, it's not going to be another chance.
Johnny: Good.
Kreese: You made your choice, and you are going to regret it.

I froze, OK? I watched my friends get hurt. I watched Demetri get his arm broken, and I couldn't do anything. And now I'm having all of these panic attacks, and I don't know if I'll be able to defend myself again.


Johnny: I screwed up, and I'm sorry. I made it about me and that's not what a sensei does. I took the easy way out. I gave up. What happened here at this school, it rocked me to my core. I couldn't look myself in the eye, let alone face all of you.
Hawk: Yeah, I guess it makes it easier to tell yourself that but the truth is you bailed on us long before that happened. You got soft on us, and we all paid the price. 
Johnny: Now you listen up. When you came to me you were softer than a baby's ass. I made you what you are, not Kreese. He doesn't give a shit about you. About any of you. So if you wanna keep whining about the past like a bunch of pussies, fine, we can play that game. Wanna stick with Kreese, go ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you when your life ends in the shitter. Or you can sack up and join my dojo.

Johnny: I started Cobra Kai with one nerd. This is a step up and if we're going to be taken seriously we need a name that commands respect. A name that elicits power and dominance. Cobras are strong they may be king of the jungle but the world is more than a jungle. There's only one animal that can kill a snake.
Bert: A mongoose?
Johnny: A real animal, Bert. Welcome to Eagle Fang Karate.

Kreese: Don't worry, Johnny. I'm not here for a fight.
Johnny: Well then why the hell are you here?
Kreese: I'd like to make you another offer to come back to Cobra Kai where you belong. 
Johnny: You're crazy if you think I'm ever teaming up with you again. The garbage you're feeding them, the shit they're pulling, it's messed up. And you're to blame for that.
Kreese: I have to disagree with you there. I care about my students. They're strong, and they're real fighters, and they wouldn't make the mistake of showing mercy and ending up in a coma!

Johnny; This park will be our new dojo because you don't need a dojo to be a dojo.

Johnny: We need something that tells everyone we're the most badass dojo in the Valley.
Miguel: Yeah. It sucks that Cobra Kai is such a badass name.
Johnny: What if we just keep that? We spell our cobra with a K. They can call us triple K.
Miguel: Like KKK?
Johnny:  Yeah. That's probably a bad idea.

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Miguel: I heard about Demetri. How could you do that, man?
Hawk: You should be thanking me for getting revenge on the Miyagi Dos. Besides they're the ones who started the fight we just finished it.
Miguel: That's not what our sensei taught us.
Hawk: He's not my sensei anymore. 
Miguel: After everything sensei Lawrence did for you, you betray him?
Hawk: He betrayed us.
Miguel: This isn't you talking. This is Kreese. He's gotten in your head. You change all of that if you leave Cobra Kai and join sensei Lawrence's new dojo. If you come, others will follow. You can show everyone we're not a bunch of bullies. It can be like before.

Daniel: Cobra Kai is out of control you know that. 
Sam: That's the problem. I'm scared, dad. I never felt so alone.
Daniel: You're not alone. No matter what you're feeling right now there's nothing to be ashamed of, you hear me?

Johnny: I don't ever want you to start the fight. I just want you to-- 
Kreese: Finish it.

Just don't forget. Being a badass doesn't mean being an asshole. 


Cobra Kai Quotes

If an enemy insists on war, then you take away their ability to wage it. 


Sam: I feel so guilty. 
Daniel: It's not your fault. All this started before you were even born. If not for me and Johnny there wouldn't have been a fight in the first place. This is my fault.