Shanti: I don't wanna pull Luke away from his home and his friends ...
Jenny: But you wanna run away.
Shanti: As fast as I can and as far as I can.

Liam: Is your mom ...?
Ross: The coroner.
Liam: Okay, yeah. She was here when Mrs. Panych died.
Ross: Mrs. Panych died inside the house?
Liam: Yeah. But, uh, not something you heard from me.
Ross: Which room?
Liam: Wait. What's your name?
Ross: Ross.
Liam: Well, I live in a tree, Ross, and I drive that, so my only real expense is the burger and beer I consume every night. All paid for with the adequate check that I get monthly from the Canadian Armed Forces. I can help.

Det. McAvoy: You were naked in som not very sexy underwear when we met, Gus. Leads me to believe that wasn't your full party outfit.
Gus Prisciac: Okay, I wore the damn suit, but not because I'm a "furry."
Det. McAvoy: It's covered in blood. I don't give a shit what you like in bed.

Jenny: People can't self-diagnose. It's something you learn when you're a doctor.
McAvoy: I would say people lie, even to themselves. That's what you learn as a police officer.

Jenny: It was a sex party. Maybe there was a furry there.
McAvoy: No one mentioned it.
Jenny: Well we didn't ask. Maybe it was normal.
McAvoy: I'll be damned. How did you know?
Jenny: In my experience, when you imagine animals, they don't help you out.

Lauren: A bunny saved me.
Det McAvoy: Excuse me?
Lauren: Uh, there was this giant, human-sized rabbit. It ... it led me from that room and took me downstairs and put me in a cab. No, I swear, Vic was alive when I left with the bunny.

Det. McAvoy: Where were you last night?
Lauren: At home. Watching TV.
Det McAvoy: Now I know your lying. Millennials don't watch TV.

Her new hair though. Is she like, traumatized? That's why women cut their hair.

Ross's friend

Ross: Okay, how do I tell her that she doesn't have to come to every practice?
Ross's friend: After your dad, I think you'd enjoy having a parent not yell at you for excessive rolling?
Ross: But I was rolling too much. Dad noticed it. We fixed it. I got faster.

Jenny: Hey, are you good?
Det. McAvoy: Yeah. Where you going?
Jenny: Pool Party.
Det. McAvoy: Pool party, sex party. Everyone's goin' to parties.

Det. McAvoy: Were you two with Vic last night?
Sex Partygoer: We were with a lot of people last night. Queer, straight. Black, white. Blonde hair, purple hair.
Det. McAvoy: Was there ever any jealousy?
Sex Partygoer: This isn't the 90s. We're social disrupters. Tech moguls, software engineers ... These parties are an extension of our bold unconventional lifestyles. We're living our brands.
Det. McAvoy: Are you a tech mogul?
Sex Partygoer: We own a chain of very successful gluten-free bakeries.

Victim's Neighbor: We're tired of being harassed with all these noise complaints.
Det. McAvoy: It's not harassment if the police come once Mr. ...?
Victim's Neighbor: I'm not giving you a name. I'm a lawyer, I know my rights.
Other Cop: You're right to party, is that what you're fighting for?
Det McAvoy: That's good. Is that what you're fighting for? Because if not, we're here about a homicide.
Neighbor: What?
Det. McAvoy: Murder.
Jenny: Hey, uh, was Vic Stenton at your party?
Neighbor: What happened to Vic?
Det. McAvoy: You know Vic Stenton?
Neighbor: I should call a lawyer.
Det. McAvoy: Oh, but you are a lawyer.

Coroner Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jenny: Looks like he came to the door to get help.
McAvoy: Nobody answered and he came back.
Jenny: And the party's still going?
McAvoy: Shitty neighbors. Not a crime.

Ross: I'm visualizing.
Jenny: Okay, well, help me visualize where we should put your dad's ashes.