I don't want revenge. I just want to prove to everyone that Bilenko is not who he says he is and bring him in.


If he wants to play a game of cat and mouse, it's fine. I'll play.


Go on, take a shower. Don't want your wife wondering where you've been.


Really, you got all that by screwing me?


McQuaid: And off the field?
Annie: There is no off the field.

No man or woman is an island.


Annie: You want to call off your dogs?
McQuaid: Down boys

Annie: There's nothing to say. You can trust me.
Auggie: I do trust you.
Annie: Then let's get to work.

I'm asking you out to dinner.

Ryan McQuaid

I don't quit.


You don't know? Then I'm an even bigger fool. You think you're in control. If these people can do this to me. What chance do you think you have?


Henry: How did you find me?
Annie: Does it matter?
Henry: It always matters.

Covert Affairs Quotes

Is this about me hooking up with my taekwando instruction? Because I checked, and that's not against the rules.


CIA agent: The sex was good?
Annie: It rocked.