Goodwin: In order to beat him, you have to become him. And, that's not you is it Ms. Walker
Annie: I'm no longer Ms. Walker, remember?

I'm already dead.


Auggie: Don't even talk to me
Calder: I'm not the enemy here.
Auggie: Really? I think you are.
Calder: Annie W alker died because she went rogue.
Auggie: She was not a traitor. You shot her in cold blood before she could explain herself. You did this, Calder, all of it.
Calder: You want to know why I didn't save her? Whey the hell didn't you?

Eyal: Is this really the end of Annie Walker?
Annie: Yes.
Eyal: Then it gives me great pleasure to be the last one to ever tell you this: You're an amazing woman, Annie.
Annie: I can't thank you enough.
Eyal: Thank me the next time wherever you'll be.

Operative Walker is dead. I repeat Annie Walker is dead.


Annie: We need to talk. If I give you a location, will you come alone?
Calder: Yes.

Report in. Auggie, we both may be fired, but you still work for me.


It's for Annie.


Whether you like it or not, I am Annie's best friend right now.


You are asking for trust, but not giving any.


Vengeance is mine.


Auggie: Who's side are you on?
Calder: You should know me well enough by now. I don't play sides.

Covert Affairs Quotes

Is this about me hooking up with my taekwando instruction? Because I checked, and that's not against the rules.


CIA agent: The sex was good?
Annie: It rocked.