Don't get comfortable. This place changes people. I can't imagine what it'll do to someone like you.


The sooner you give me the security codes, the sooner this can end. Say yes if you understand.


Hotch: So Agent Jareau was on a task force to find Osama Bin Laden and INTEGRITY was the name of the operation.
Jackson: No. INTEGRITY is the name of the database born out of that mission. A failsafe to protect covert agents and operations. You shouldn't even know it exists.
Hotch: But Agent Jareau and Agent Cruz know and that's why they've been taken.
Jackson: We believe so. Both have the necessary codes to access the system.

Jackson: There are ongoing back channel negotiations we can't disrupt.
Hotch: So Agents Jareau and Cruz get written off?
Jackson: I know they're your team, but they're not your problem.

Jackson: What you need to do, Agent, is stand down. We are handling this. This needs to be managed a little more delicately than by the course hands of the BAU. What that means: no more SCIF break-ins. No more database searches. Go back to chasing serial killers. This is a State matter.

Cruz: You have to break.
JJ: What?
Cruz: This has to end.
JJ: I thought you were dead.
Cruz: I know. They're trying to break you.
JJ: I'm seeing things.
Cruz: You have to break. You can't take much more of this. The time has come to give up your security codes.

Do you ever feel like you're in way over your head? I got assigned to an information hunt. Instead, I am chasing an Unsub who killed my informant.


JJ: That's enough. Come out.
Askari: Who are you talking to?
JJ: Not to you. To your boss. Come out and face me, you coward.

JJ: You can threaten to kill me. That won't get you what you want.
Askari: She's right.
Hastings: Don't I know it.

JJ: Matt. What you did...
Cruz: I had your back. Always did.

Nietzsche said "When you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you."