Allie: Have you done this before
Chanel: Kissed a girl? I've been with guys, mostly, but some girls too.
Allie: So you're bi?
Chanel: I don't like labels. I prefer to say I just like people.

Lucas: What if the real Dr. Dunn comes back?
Sami: He won't, because I called this morning and canceled. What do you know? Kristen Dimera isn't the only master of disguise around here.

Stan: Make it quick. I'm a very busy man.
Lucas: You're not a man anymore and I know it. You're Sami!

Inoperable brain tumor? What was I thinking? I could have done better than that.


OMG I haven't laughed so hard since London. We were so happy then and free. I would do anything to go back to that time.


Kate: I'm gonna kill you when I get out of here.
Kristen: Oooh, someone's cranky.

Marlena: Belle, Sami doesn't hate you.
Belle: Oh yeah, she's such a loving and devoted sister that she sold me on the black market.

For so long, Ciara's been my whole life. I don't even know what I'm supposed to do without her. How am I supposed to fill those long days?


Snyder: I'm sorry, Ms. Reischek. But there's no heartbeat.
Gwen: How can this be? I just found out yesterday that I was pregnant. What did I do wrong?
Snyder: You just found out yesterday? Did you have periods?
Gwen: Yes, but they were irregular, so... anyway, I didn't know I was pregnant and I didn't see a doctor or take vitamins but...
Snyder: It is not your fault. Miscarriages can happen for all sorts of reasons and sometimes come out of the blue. Sometimes things are not meant to be.
Gwen: Thanks a lot! You're telling me my baby never had a chance!

Jake: This is none of your business!
Kristen [disguised as Kate]: Is that any way to talk to the father of my child?
Roman: Children!
Kristen: I didn't mean it literally!

Allie: I don't know about Tripp. I mean, the way we met, and then everything that happened after...
Claire: I wish neither of us had ever seen Charlie's face, but he's gone. He can't hurt us anymore. So we need to shut the door on those memories.
Allie: Shutting the door is a lot different than opening it for someone new.

Xander: You made a mistake on this check.
Paulina: I doubt it. I don't make mistakes.
Xander: You're missing a zero. We agreed to 1 million dollars!
Paulina: I didn't agree to that. $100,000 is my price.

Days of Our Lives Quotes

I'm the DA. I could threaten to prosecute him for withholding information, see how he reacts.


How do you look so beautiful the day after you were negotiating for your husband's life?