Do you see the future that I do and our place in it? Because I tell you my brothers and my sisters, that this is just the beginning.


Noma: From this day forward The Chosen One and I are bound. My life for his; forever.
Gabriel: Word of advice brother, she turned on me how long before she betrays you?

Michael: You killed him.
The Prophet: I healed him, you fool. You were right, Lucifer owed you a debt preserving his body. Consider it paid.

You are what you were born to be; The Chosen One.


Michael: Gabriel sent angels to kill the child. Charlie gave her life protecting him. We tried to save her, but too late. Alex may not be your son by blood, but he's your responsibility now. Will you protect him?
Jeep: I'll protect him with my life.

Noma: I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it.
Michael: Of all who serve, you hold the highest place in my heart. Why did you let him live?
Noma: I was going to do it, but right before my sword fell I felt him. Our Father. His presence all around the baby. It was so strong.

The child's death will break Michael's fever over the humans and bring him back to our cause. This extermination will work, which is why Father gave only me the seal.


Gabriel: All my angels came to my side but you, my own brother. You left me when I needed you most. You broke our family apart.
Michael: No, it was already broken by another. The archangel who chose humanity first, long before I did. Our brother is alive.

Michael: What you've done can not be undone. The child's our only hope now.
Gabriel: I can not do this alone, I need you. Don't leave me.
Michael: You brought this on yourself.

David: They're over by the Luxor. That's outside the walls, they can stay there as long as they like. Who cares?
Claire: We do. There's a tunnel right underneath that bus that leads straight into Vega.
David: Uh oh.

Michael: You broke the seventh seal. You started the extermination war.
Gabriel: The seal was made to be broken.

Michael: No, Raphael's prophecy foretells a chosen one. We must find him together.
Gabriel: You'll forgive me if I don't put much stock in Raphael's prophecies. She has a rather spotty record when it comes to predicting the future. No there is only one way to bring father back and it's in my hands.
Michael: Gabriel please, don't do this. If you break that seal... No!
Gabriel: There, it's done.

Dominion Quotes

Alex: That bomb changes everything.
Noma: We should head straight for Vega.
Alex: No, I'm not leading Gabriel back to Claire. New Delphi's half the distance, we'll go there.
Noma: New Delphi? Michael told me to stay away.
Alex: That's why we're going. If Michael's nervous about New Delphi there's a reason. They have an army, one I can help join Vega against Gabriel.

Alex: As long as you honor our deal, I'm here.
Gabriel: Maybe the deal was premature. Maybe sparing Claire, Vega, your unborn baby was too much to offer.
Alex: If you ever threaten them again, you can find someone else to help you with your daddy issues.
Gabriel: Finally, some life in the boy yet.