Beth: I'll end up in jail.
Rio: I'm not asking you.
Beth: Well, I'm not doing it.
Rio: You know there's worse places to end up, right?
Beth: I thought you needed me?
Rio: I do.
Beth: Well, there you go.
Rio: But not your family.

Gene: Where do a bunch of bitches like you get a bunch of money like this, though? Huh?
Beth: Oh, now you've got a moral code?
Gene: I just don't do business with bitches, that's all.

Phoebe: They're rounding you all up tomorrow.
Beth: It's not over yet.
Phoebe: Dave wants to go home.
Beth: What do you want?
Phoebe: Just pick a side.

Nick: You owe me.
Rio: Add it to the list. So what do we do about her?
Nick: Well not what you want to do.
Rio: Don't see any other way.
Nick: That's why you got me, brother.
Rio: Cousin.

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You've got your head in the wrong game.

Nick [to Rio]

Phoebe: What if she's protecting him?
Dave: She can't think we're that stupid.
Phoebe: She's not thinking with her brain.
Dave: He is pretty hot.
Phoebe: Stupid hot.

Ruby: They'll take our deal away.
Beth: You know what he'll take away?
Annie: Like we have anything left to lose.
Beth: Our kids.

Rio: So, dinner was fun. Yeah?
Beth: Parts of it.

Annie: So, what happens if you don't get it?
Ruby: That'd be bad.
Beth: How bad?
Ruby: Like gang friend level.

Stan: Do you know how hard it is to pretend you're someone you're not?
Ruby: Everyday.

Beth: How many kids?
Phoebe: Two.
Beth: Names?
Phoebe: Tom and Sally.
Annie: Cuz it's 1958?

Stan: Beth can't be apart of this.
Ruby: Okay.
Stan: I mean she makes everything about her.
Ruby: You're right.
Stan: No, I don't think you're hearing what I'm saying.
Ruby: I am.
Stan: She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants.
Ruby: I know.
Stan: And the rules don't ever apply.