Dennis: Davia.
Davia: Dennis, what are you doing here?
Dennis: I realized I've been an idiot. I didn't need to leave. The best thing in my life to find some light, you are my light.
Matt: I'm not sure I wear it as good as you.
Davia: This is Matt. This is Dennis.

Dyonte: Why are you crying?
Malika: If I hadn't met you, none of this would've happened. I wouldn't possibly be losing him. I love Isaac, and the only way that I can prove that to him is not to see you anymore.
Dyonte: So what was that kiss?
Malika: That was goodbye. I'm sorry.

Mariana: No, no. We can't sue Evan.
Byte Club: Why not?
Mariana: Because he's my boyfriend.

I'm pregnant. The baby's yours, and I'm going to have it. I don't expect anything from you, though, I just, I thought you should know.


If this is who you are, I don't want to change you. So I guess the only option is if I don't want to lose is to find a way to accept this.


Sean: I guess with you being the Asian one and you being the gender-diverse one, I'm just redundant.
Member: That's bullshit. You are more than just the boxes you check.

Excuse me, I'm speaking!


Callie: Why did you call me?
Kathleen: I want you to be my lawyer.

Malika: After the New Moon ceremony, Isaac asked me if I wanted to be in a relationship with you. I told him, no. But then I took him to therapy with me to tell him I lied, not that I'm assuming the feeling is mutual.
Dyonte: C'mon, you know it is.
Malika: And I also told him that I love him and that I wanted to be in a relationship with him too.
Dyonte: Of course, so what did he say?
Malika: I haven't heard from him since. The truth is, if he can't do this than neither can I.

Callie: So what are you doing today?
Gael: Quitting my internship.

Tony: So, I know this is none of my business.
Callie: Nothing good ever comes after that sentence.
Tony: Fair, but the guy from the DA's office, Jamie? Is there something still going on there?
Callie: No. Honestly, I don't want to think about him or anyone else tonight.
Tony: I'm good with that.

Gael: Did I tell you that you look absolutely gorgeous tonight?
Callie: Did I tell you?

Good Trouble Quotes

I thought the free toilet paper would be a nice perk. I had no idea how much people would overwipe. You wouldn't believe it. I hope you guys are eco-friendly.


Mariana: We're so lit.
Callie: We're pretty lit.
Both: We're straight up fire!