Owen: You tried to tell me the truth about your relationship with Allison and I was awful to you, and I am sorry.
Teddy: I should've told you years ago.
Owen: You told me when you could, and I should've listened to you because every day since we met, Teddy, and every day since, you've listened to me. You have fought for me. ANd that thing that you did on our wedding day...
Teddy: I'm sorry.
OWen:I know, I know you are. We were friends first. We've been friends for years and you've never been anything but there for me so when you did something that was so out of character I should've known that something was going on and you just needed a friend. I can be your friend. I don't know if I have anything else in me, but I can be your friend if you let me.

Link: What if we just do a check-in every few weeks, no judgment to make sure we're still good with our decision.
Amelia: Are we super broken or are we super evolved.
Link: Oh, definitely evolved.

You have a deep understanding, I have a deep pockets and the desire to help.


Richard: Hey, sleepyhead.
Mer: I'm sorry.
Richard: For what?
Mer: You had to put me on a vent. You had to make that call.
Richard: I'd do it again if I had to.
Mer: I'm glad I chose you. We need to talk about Wilson.

When I was a social worker, I saw a lot of temporary fixes that came from a good place but they never got to the root of the problem. Hotels are great for quarantine but then people have to go back to risky jobs and home. I know you're trying to help, but this is too much, and I'm just over it.

Mama Ortiz

Bailey: How is Altman?
Owen: She'll be back in a couple of days.
Bailey: That's not why I'm asking.
Owen: Respectfully, Chief, the OR has heard enough of my love life.

If I smoked weed, it is very likely that I would forget not to do heroin.


Amelia: I notice you do that.
Link: Do what?
Amelia: Fall asleep when you're emotionally overwhelmed.

Amelia: I was a terrible wife.
Link: You had a brain tumor.
Amelia: I don't think the sexy brain tumor can take all the credit.

Hayes: He's your son.
Chris: I can't lose him, Dr. Hayes. We can't lose him. Please.

A lot of people panic on their wedding day. I know I did. Dr. Hunt knows.


Helm: This is great news!
Richard: Great news doesn't matter if she's too weak to stay awake.