You're broken. I can fix you.


[voiceover] We are, if anything, creatures of habit. Drawn to the safety and the comfort of the similar. But what happens when the familiar becomes unsafe? When the fear that we've been desperately trying to avoid, finds us where we live?


Oh, is the gay boy your date? You should tell him that only one of you gets to wear the tiara!


D.L.: It's going to be you and me from here on out. Partners.
Micah: You mean like Batman & Robin?
D.L.: Yeah, like Batman & Robin. Only, I ain't wearing no tights.

Mr. Bennet: You're lucky you're alive.
Claire Bennet: It's not luck, dad.
Claire Bennet: Dad, there's something I need to tell you.

You gotta embrace your inner freak. 'Cause the only thing you'll regret is denying who you really are.


Claire Bennet: You're being so nice. I've never been this nice to you. I mean, I've been nice but I could be nicer.
Zach: Then why don't you?

Claire Bennet: Hey, what's your name?
Peter Petrelli: Peter.
Claire Bennet: I'm Claire.
Peter Petrelli: Are you the one? Saving you, did I save the world?
Claire Bennet: I don't know. I'm just a cheerleader.

Maybe being different isn't the end of the World, it's just who I am.

Claire Bennet

Claude: Com not quite what I was expecting, but hope for the flowers yet.
Peter Petrelli: You threw me. Off of a 30-story building! If I didn't regenerate, I'd be dead!
Claude: Well, you could have flown. Listen, if you hadn't have worked this one out, you'd have been hopeless anyway. And I'd have to defuse the biggest bomb ever. But you did it, didn't you? You cleared your mind. You called out your power.
Peter Petrelli: You know, before I hit the ground... when I knew what was about to happen, I had this flash... in my head,of this girl that I met in Texas. This cheerleader. She could heal herself. Oh, gosh, she's this sweet kid. Sad little smile, and she just... you were wrong. I don't have to cut her out. I have to remember her! How - how she made me feel! That's how I... Oh, god. It's happening. I'm losing it!
Claude: Well, it's a start.

Claire Bennet: Ooh, sorry!
Peter Petrelli: Sorry.
Claire Bennet: That was my fault. I wasn't looking where I was going.
Peter Petrelli: Hey, do you... know this girl, Jackie Wilcox?
Claire Bennet: Uh, yeah, half-time show starts in about five minutes. She'll be out on the field. She's a cheerleader. Are you a reporter or something?
Peter Petrelli: Alumni. I'm just curious.
Claire Bennet: You know, between you and me, she's not that special. Just your average teenage girl.
Peter Petrelli: She rushed into a fire and saved a man's life, sounds kinda special to me.
Claire Bennet: Yeah, you're right. I'm jealous. She's our town hero. Me? I don't win too many popularity contests.
Peter Petrelli: Hey, it gets better!
Claire Bennet: What?
Peter Petrelli: Life after high school. It gets a lot better.

Mr. Bennet: Claire!
Claire Bennet: Dad. Dad.
Mr. Bennet: It's okay. You're okay.
Claire Bennet: Dad, it was terrible, Jackie, she...
Mr. Bennet: I know, I know.
Claire Bennet: We have to go back. We... we have to go back, Peter...
Mr. Bennet: No, no, no.
Claire Bennet: He saved my life!
Mr. Bennet: No, no, no, he'll be fine.
Claire Bennet: But we can't leave him. We can't leave him. He almost died, but then he... He... We have to go back! We have to go back!
Mr. Bennet: The police'll take care of everything.

Heroes Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Peter Petrelli: Did I save the world?
Claire Bennet: I don't know... I'm just a cheerleader.

My name is Hiro Nakamura... I am here to save your life!

Hiro Nakamura