Raylan: You know what they're saying at the office? I dis-armed him.
Winona: That's pretty good.

Raylan: You think it's true what they say?
Boyd: Well what do they say?
Raylan: One bad apple spoils the barrel.

Oh shit, it's a piggy bank!


Raylan: You talking to Helen again?
Arlo: She does all the talking.

You're not as dumb as you look. I like the use of the word cahoots, though.

Art (to Boyd)

A horsefly sneezes in these hills, he knows about it beforehand, but I'm to believe the car bomb and the dead trooper down the road comes as news.


Boyd: Well I guess we best both sleep with one eye open.
Limehouse: I always do.

I heard that a cop in a hat got shot...guess it wasn't you.

Arlo (to Raylan)

Raylan: You really think this is gonna go down?
Tom: I hope so, because if I'm missing my boy's tee ball game for nothing I'm gonna be pissed.

Which one of you two ass holes is trying to set me up? Salt? Or Pepper?


Escort's a nice touch. It's like visiting the Wizard of Oz.


You're gonna bench me while Dickie Bennett sits out there eating all our pretzels?


Justified Season 3 Quotes

Raylan, if a book could only be judged by its cover, you'd be a best seller.


Raylan: Boyd I've been to Mexico, I don't think you'd like it.
Boyd: How so?
Raylan: There's a lot of Mexicans.