Luna: I could have been a better friend. I've been thinking about that. When you arrested me, I thought it was karma. I burned a lot of bridges, and it seems I burned the whole house down.
Benson: You know what the good thing about that is? When you burn your whole house down, you can see the sky.

Hadid: Prep all four witnesses for a grand jury.
Carisi: Why? So they can all nail down their stories, get immunity from prosecution?
Hadid: If they're going to lie, I want it on record.

Benson: She's spent her whole career empowering women and now she just falls apart? Either she has a split personality -
Carisi: Not likely.
Benson: Or she's having a breakdown because her employees are accusing her of things she hasn't done and she's being gaslighted.

Carisi: If you're gonna change your plea, you have to admit your guilt.
Luna: So I have to swear to crimes that I have no memory of? I must be crazy.

My mother used to say that you climb too fast, you end up gasping for air.


What is this? Open season on my client? Anyone who wants to can make a completely spurious claim?


You usually sign six figure checks without asking what they're for?


He raped me and now he is just making stuff up. It's pathological, maybe it's neurological, I don't know. Or maybe his frontal lobe is just shot.


There are always reasons for women to stay silent. But the good news is the world is changing. There's no stigma attached to coming forward. It can be empowering, heroic even.


Kat: Bobby Frost claims that you and Luna are lovers?
Sequoia: Did he also tell you that he's furious about it?

I don't know if you understand this, but my whole brand is based on women wanting to be me. Rape doesn't fit into that.


Benson: Survival takes strength.
Luna: Survival takes strength. Wow. Brilliant. Mind if I steal that?

Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 15 Quotes

Bobby: I've been going through the books.
Luna: Bobby. You do numbers.I do ideas. Big ideas.

Women need to know it's okay to love our bodies, especially the parts that people tell us not to love.