We live in divisive times. Gallagher has a lot of supporters who would love to believe in conspiracy theories about their hero.


April: Chip Gallagher raped me. He ruined my life.
Calhoun: Did he? You dropped out of Hudson. This was 30 years ago. Isn't it possible you ruined your life all on your own?

I just got a text that if I testify, I'll never get a job again. I have kids. I can't do this.


Calhoun. This is not political or personal. Your client is a rapist.


Maya. I can't tell you what to do. But I have never known a sister from Brownsville who backed down from a fight when she was harmed.


Okay, he doesn't see class or color, but when I look at this screen all I see are white women of privilege.


In my opinion, guys like Gallagher have been above the law for so long that nothing can touch them.


How did you learn about my case? Hudson U treated me like toxic waste.


This guy is a predator who protects other predators. If we dig deep enough we'll find something.


Kelly: Those guys defined the narrative. I realized I was never gonna make it in their world.
Benson: Ms. Kelly. Your case is past the statute of limitations but sometimes when one woman comes forward -
Kelly: Not me. I fought Gallagher 30 years ago and lost.

Carisi: We're looking into a judge. Do you know him?
Civil Rights Attorney: I wish I could unremember him.

Fin: The old boy network is strong out East.
Kat: So is the corruption.

Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 6 Quotes

Fin: The old boy network is strong out East.
Kat: So is the corruption.

I just found out that Gallagher wasn't supposed to be assigned this case. He birddogged it. He used all of us, show boating to start his political career.