Nancy: I'm getting worse because of you. The Wraith made it so I didn't see the worst parts of you. You put me down, you undercut me, you tried to isolate me from my friends! And they warned me.
Gil: You're not yourself right now. This is the Wraith talking, clearly-
Nancy: No, it's the Wraith's fault we lasted this long. This whole time it's been manipulating me and feeding off of my vulnerabilities. We're not doing this anymore, Gil.

Ryan: I can't even afford Celia's funeral right now.
Nancy: Oh, Ryan, I'm really sorry.
Ryan: Don't be sorry because all that matters, right now, is that we help you. I mean, you're all I got left.

Nancy: The Wraith is gone. The trauma is still there, but I think I'm strong enough to hold it now.
Bess: Good. Come on.
Ace: I think you always were, Nancy.

Nancy: I was born broken. And that's why all these pieces of me are broken.
Dream!Ace: You weren't born broken. You're hurt, maybe. But, in the end, the only way to heal is to let that pain become love.
Nancy: I really want that.

Myrtle: You're not French?
George: Not when I can help it.

Odette: Just think, if we were born in a different time, we could only love in secret. And now, we may have zebras at our wedding.
Myrtle: Well, let me show you some examples.
Bess: Ah, ah, ah! I hate zebras! Just...get me out of this room!
Odette: Take us to a room where there are no pictures of zebras.

I don't know who I am anymore. And after what I did today, all I keep thinking is, "What would Mom think?" What is wrong with me?

Jake: Was setting up your center in the next town over really that big of a deal?
Nick: Allowing kids to thrive in their own community is a big deal. Letting them know that they belong here is a big deal. And setting up a rival cafe in my new building...that's going to be a huge deal. So, good luck, Jake.

Nancy: I got Celia killed.
Ryan: No. No, you didn't.
Nancy: She was doing a favor for me.
Ryan: A favor? You were doing this to save Ace's life. She was doing this to keep her son of a bitch husband out of jail. That's how she did business.
Nancy: If I had known then, Ryan, I would have-
Ryan: How could you have known what The Road Back was capable of? You couldn't. She did. And those were the choices that she made.

Ryan: Who are they?
Everett: A powerful group with infinite means and unflagging resolve. The general public have no idea they even exist. A scarce few know that they're out there. But The Road Back wouldn't hesitate to make an example of anyone who angered them. And they'd be very clear that they were the ones who were angry.

Carson: You see things like this quite often, don't you?
Bess: Yeah. I wish we didn't, but...we do.

She's dead, and I'm going to bring you to justice so that we can all finally breathe again.

Nancy Drew Season 2 Quotes

Nick: Hey, Nancy was right. Spiraling about fear won't get us anywhere.
Ace: She was just saying that for moral. I don't think she believes it herself.
Nick: It's not like you to have doubts about Nancy. You were ready to drink poison for her.

Bess: Maybe these are visions of what could potentially happen. You know, not actually our future.
Ace: Like a proposed death. Like a serving suggestion on a waffle box.