Is [Deeks] always this warm and cuddly?

Sienna [to Kensi]

Deeks: Why are you ignoring my partner?
Sienna: I wasn't ignoring her. I couldn't hear her.

Sam: Where the hell is Hetty?
Nell: Get in line, my friend. Get in line.

I know this is you. You can't fake that level of annoying.

Nell [to Deeks]

Deeks: I was just trying to be optimistic.
Kensi: Maybe it's time to be realistic.

Deeks: Baby, it's a peeling eyesore.
Kensi: It's rustic.

Fatima: Bye, bitch!
Roundtree: Don't you use your catchphrase against me!

And that's the weekend.


Callen: Children, play nice with your siblings.
Roundtree: She started it.
Fatima: He started it.

Anna: I don't know what to say.
Callen: We've got time.

Deeks: You come with me willingly or I'll put you in handcuffs.
Kirkin: Handcuffs?

Eric: I don't wear the band T-shirts to the concert if you know what I mean.
Fatima: No, but then I never do.