LaSalle [hugging Percy tightly]: I'm glad you didn't die.
Percy: You're an ass!

I'm a patriot. Just not for your side.


Am I supposed to write for help?

Brody [on a pen that's actually a stun gun]

He makes a Boy Scout look corrupt!

Patton [regarding Russo]

Whoah! Merri! I'm on your side, remember?


Something inside me has been saying, "Watch out."

Brody [regarding Russo]

You hired a new bar manager just in time to become Mr. Fix-it at home!


Did I mention? He plays a mean banjo!

Pride [on the former Marine he hired]

After all of that, you hired the guy who tried to blow your head off?!


It looks like they were trying to make baby agents!

LaSalle [on two foreign operatives posing as husband and wife]

Brody: Since when do we threaten family members?
Agent Russo: Since they started decapitating people.

If I had a choice, the swimming pool's as deep as I'll go!

Percy [on diving]

NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 Quotes

We'll do a remote class later.


Percy: 'Sic semper tyrannis'?
Pride: 'Thus always tyrants.' What John Wilkes Booth said right after he assassinated Lincoln.