If any harm comes to Belle while I'm gone, I'm killing all of you.


If the curse went to places with other stories, then who knows who's in this town.


In a normal town the Sheriff goes in and asks a few questions. She doesn't bring her parents in with her.


I had hoped you were dead but hey, disappointments just a part of life. I'm sure we can agree on that.


You do understand that computer hacking and pick ax hacking are different?


Keep smiling buddy. You're chained down. He's on his feet, immortal, has magic, and you hurt his girl. If I were to pick dead guy of the year. I'd pick you


Emma: You hurt Belle.
Hook: I hurt his heart. Belle's just where he keeps it.

You have all sorts of sore places I can make you hurt.


Rumplestiltskin: I'm a stranger to her.
Emma: Murder is a bad first impression.

Emma: Are you insane?
Rumplestiltskin: Yes I am.