Maybe we should take a break and have some fun.


Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize this was ladies' night.


Man in White: What if I told you our organization is exactly what you are looking for.
Herr Starr: Like a 10-inch dick, I'd have to see it believe it.

Tulip: Where 'ya going?
Jesse: I'm going to talk to a man about the end of the world, wanna come?

Welcome to the Grail.

Man in White

Herr Starr: Yes, Yes, Christ lives in our hearts.
Man in White: No, Christ lives in a top secret location guarded by machine guns.

Jesse: Are you crazy or just a con man?
Street Preacher: Are those my only choices because I normally describe myself as a left-handed, alcoholic, sinner child of God.

Bar Guy: We're sorry about your boyfriend, ma'am. Terrible loss.
Tulip: You all should be sorry. We robbed you assholes blind. That wasn't my boyfriend and he wasn't dead. We came in here played you all for the idiots you all are, took your money and drank your beer. So, put your goddamn hats back on and tell me which one of you banjo-loving bitches has got the balls to earn your money back.

Genius. The world on its knees begging for direction like an ugly girl at a gang bang.

Herr Starr

Training guy: What the hell are you doing?
Herr Starr: What does it look like? I'm self-consummating.