Terry Muldoon: So, I assume you're still made at me?
Christine Muldoon: No, I'm not mad. I'm disappointed by you. Confused by you.
Terry Muldoon: Disappointed? That's worse. I'd rather you were still pissed off at me.
Christine Muldoon: Those are the breaks.

I don't want our kids walking home from school and talking about the different street corners where this one was killed and that one was stabbed. I want to be able to open up the front door and let them go out and play at night. And not have to worry about a run-in with some drunken, homicidal lunatic. Now, I'm accepting the loan from your parents, and me and the kids are moving. You can either join us, or you can stay here in your beloved hovel, but we're moving. And if you don't like it, too goddamn bad about you.

Christine Muldoon

Charlie Bullman: This old guy?
Fortune: Yeah:
Charlie Bullman: Why don't you just go smack the shit out of him and take the money yourself?

Attago, Terry. I was really starting to get worried I raised a pacifist.

Sgt. Mike Muldoon

They're a couple of angels. And they're very good listeners, especially after I threatened them with my cane.

Sgt. Mike Muldoon

I still can't believe it. What the hell is this world coming to when Irish-Catholic gangster starts fronting gay bars?

Capt. Johanson

Well, let me put it this way. There are the laws, and there are the rules. And over time, you will learn to identify the difference.

Terry Muldoon

So? [Deirdre just gives her a look] You know...I know someone who can help you, if that's what you wanted to do.


It's just one thing when skels are killing skels. I mean, nobody gives a shit who's doing it, right? I mean, they're doing the citizens of the city a favor.

Det. Tony Battalina

It's this Rusty guy, it's different, Terry. It's like he's not doing it for money. He's not doing it for power or the turf. I mean, this lunatic, he's like -- he's killing people for sport, Terr.

Det. Tony Battalina

Jimmy Shea: They were breaking the law.
Terry Muldoon: Yeah? Well, it's a stupid law.

I'm jealous, Kaye, because I love you. You know how hard it was for me when you went back to that miserable prick? You wanna talk jealous? You have no idea what jealousy like that can make a man do.

Rusty Patton

Public Morals Quotes

But the number one rule in our office is you do not draw attention to yourself. You have to take care of some thing, or some body, you do it out of the spotlight.


I want you to know, I'm proud of you. You know, when you were born, my, my dream, was that you, my oldest son, would grow up to be...an asshole.

Terry Muldoon