Ray: Yeah.
Lena: Turn on Stalkerazi.
[Ray switches TV on and sees story about him and Natalie being together and pregnant.]
Natalie: Where you going?
[Ray grabs his jacket and storms out of the apartment, ignoring Natalie.]

Listen to me, the next time you leave the office, and you don't turn off my computer, and you don't lock my door will be the last fucking time you ever leave an office in the Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, or Ventura area.


I just wanna open the bar and sing songs.


Bridget: Still fit?
Abby: Yeah.
Bridget: We'll pin it if it doesn't but it's beautiful.
Abby: I wish I had some fucking hair.

Abby: How about a red lip?
Bridget: You got it.

Does anyone in this family give a fuck about what I want?


Frank: I need Avi dead Ray.
Ray: You're a piece of shit Frank, you know that?

Ray: I kill Avi, you let Bunchy out.
Frank: That's the deal.
Ray: Then I want you to put my father away.
Frank: What?
Ray: I kill Avi, you put Mickey away for Prim. That's the deal.

Mickey: I'll come with you.
Ray: No you won't. Stay right where you fucking are.

Robber: What the fuck you want?
Bunchy: My money.
Robber: I ain't ever seen your ass in my fucking life.

Terry: Will you pray with me?
Bridget: I’ll pass.
Terry: I killed her.
Bridget: No you didn’t.
Terry: She would have lived.
Bridget: You don’t know that. She didn’t want the surgery.
Terry: She still would have lived.
Bridget: You don’t know that.

Ray: Take your hand off her. Touch her again and I break your fucking arm. Understand?
Landry: You don’t know what you’re doing, do you?

Ray Donovan Quotes

Mickey: I got a good one for ya.
Bunchy: Dad, don't.
Stan: It's alright.
Mickey: What's the difference between acne and a priest? Acne waits until a boy's 14 to come on his face.

Who lives in Calabasas anyway? Sinbad, Howie Mandel? Jesus Ray.